i-Pages Information

iPages.iland.net is a feature where you can manage your personal storage website. This feature gives subscribers the ability to create their own personal webpage within ipages.iland.net. I-Land has combined the former i-Pages and iPics product into a new, combined service for our customers. This moves all of the old features into one convenient location. One login, one place to manage your online files.

Wait, what happened to iPics!?

Unfortunately, with the rise of social media and the many various photo sharing and hosting websites that exist now, it has come time to retire our old iPics service and roll it into our i-Pages service. If you have used iPics in the last few years, don't worry! We have merged any iPics data into your i-Pages site. Your pictures are still safe and web-accessible, however you will need to reshare any links to the pictures you may have had before.

How do I use it?

Glad you asked! You may access the i-Pages system with your favorite FTP client (We recommend Filezilla if you don't already have a ftp client).

All you need to do is configure your ftp client to connect to ipages.iland.net and enter your full email address and password associated with your i-Pages account and start uploading files today!

When it comes time to share your files with others, it will be accessible from your personal folder on ipages.iland.net!

How do I link someone to a file?

All of your files will be accessible from http://ipages.iland.net/username/

Your username is the part of your email address before @iland.net. So if your name was "awesomedude215@iland.net" then your i-Pages would be accessible from http://ipages.iland.net/awesomedude215/ and any files in your i-Pages account would be accessible from there. For example, if awesomedude215 uploaded a picture called coolcar.png into his i-Pages account under a folder named "lookie", then the url he would share would be: http://ipages.iland.net/awesomedude215/lookie/coolcar.png